Sports Injury Treatment at Coral Canyon Joint & Spine Health in Hurricane, UT

Looking for a dependable chiropractor? One that not only cares for their patients but one that has reliable and effective services? Coral Canyon Joint & Spine Health has just what you need! Since we first opened up our doors years ago, we’ve been supplying Hurricane, UT residents with exceptional chiropractic care and health solutions that incorporate comprehensive services like physical rehabilitation and Kinesio-taping.

Sports Injuries  Treatment

One of our specialties here at Coral Canyon Joint & Spine Health is the treatment of sport-related injuries. No matter what injury you’re dealing with, we have the tools and experience to eliminate the pain and get you back in the game. Our lead chiropractor, Dr. Joshua Carr, is dedicated to providing his chiropractic and physical rehabilitation services that focus on his patients’ specialized needs. As all injuries are different, he takes the time to pinpoint your exact injury and focuses on finding the treatment plan best suited for you. While Dr. Carr sees patients with all sorts of injuries, here are the common sport-related injuries we treat.

Ankle Sprains

While these can be minor or extreme, we excel at solving your angle sprain issues quickly. Through corrective exercises and appropriate stretching, your sprains can be a distant memory.

Groin Pull

Whether you pull your groin from playing with your son or you caused the injury from lifting at the gym, the groin is a very vulnerable area for injury. If you’re experiencing groin pain problems, give Coral Canyon Joint & Spine Health a call for fast relief.

Shin Splints

You know that pain that runs down the front or sides of your shins? Yeah, those are called shin splints and they are very common among athletes today. Although these usually go away over time, they can be more frequent and cause some pain. Let our chiropractic team help take the pain away!

Knee Injuries

The knee is a very complex and intricate part of our bodies. Given how much our knees are used during any sport, injuries are very common in this region of the body. While ACL and MCL tears can be some of the most extreme knee problems, even the slightest issue can cause pain. Whether you’re recovering from an ACL tear or you’re constantly dealing with knee pain, our Hurricane chiropractor can help.

Shoulder Problems

While the knee is a common location to see sports injuries, the shoulder is also a complex part of our bodies where we frequently have pain. Common conditions include a torn rotator cuff, torn labrum, or inflammation from overuse or strain.

Reach Out to Coral Canyon Joint & Spine Health in Hurricane, UT!

If you’re looking for the treatment and management of your sport-related injury, contact our sports physiotherapy specialists at Coral Canyon Joint & Spine Health today! Not only do our sports injury chiropractors help elevate the pain, they also give advice on how to avoid these injuries in the first place. Whether you’re an amateur or a seasoned professional, sports injuries can happen to anyone. Coral Canyon Joint & Spine Health is located at 83 S 2600 W Ste. 102, Hurricane, UT, 84737, so you’re minutes away from finding your pain relief. To make an appointment, call our sports injury clinic today at (435) 635-7771!