Physical Therapyat Coral Canyon Joint & Spine Health in Hurricane, UT

If you suffer from minor discomfort as a result of an injury or condition, and your family physician recommended seeing a physical therapist, you may be a bit apprehensive about what procedures are expected. Our staff at Coral Canyon Joint & Spine Health in Hurricane, UT will take the time to explain all the processes in advance and you will find discomfort subsides rather quickly after sessions are conducted. Here is some information about what you can expect when starting physical therapy sessions.

What to Expect from Physical Therapy

Our practitioner will explain what procedures are used in the office and will tailor a plan for treatment with your assistance. You will start out slowly with treatment to see how your body reacts to each procedure. Our physical therapist will first look over any documentation your family physician provided to you to explain your present medical condition and conduct an evaluation to assess range of motion. This is done with simple exercises and your communication with our practitioner regarding the pain intensity you are experiencing. This information is then evaluated to determine which types of procedures would benefit your body best.

Physical Rehabilitation

Physical therapy is often recommended after an injury or for any condition that causes limited function and pain. Physical rehabilitation can help with anything from sports injuries to arthritis symptoms. Dr. Carr works with his patients to develop individual plans for treatment that cater to each person’s health and recovery needs.

Physical therapy can involve a variety of different therapeutic techniques and can be combined with complementary treatments like chiropractic care and massage therapy. Often, rehabilitation involves supervised exercises that help regain mobility and strength. Your physical rehabilitation plan may include therapeutic ultrasound, electrical stimulation, traction therapy, Kinesio-taping and more.

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