Nutritional Counseling at Coral Canyon Joint & Spine Health In Hurricane, UT

Suffering from an injury is painful enough. Additional health risks, like poor nutrition and poor exercise habits, can make recovering even harder than you thought. Our chiropractor, here at Coral Canyon Joint & Spine Health in Hurricane, UT, can help you with nutritional testing, and nutritional counseling, as you reach your recovery goals more quickly.

Why Good Nutrition is so Important

Carrying excess weight can lead to developing body aches that no matter what you do, won’t go away. Nutritional counseling encourages a lifelong pathway to eat healthily, can help you to shed the unwanted pounds and, along with chiropractic adjustment, get past those aches and pains. Once you start a new nutritional habit, you’ll find that symptoms of other health issues you may have, such as diabetes, high blood pressure or asthma, may reduce.

The Difference Between Good Nutrition and Dieting

Good nutrition doesn’t mean just eating “rabbit food.” Because you need other minerals and vitamins, you’re also going to be able to eat meat in moderation, fruits and vegetables, some healthy fats, and plenty of fluids, such as low-fat milk, coffee, tea, and water. You’ll learn how to eat healthily and avoid high-fat foods when you go out—with some practice, you’ll learn how to request changes to your orders. You’ll learn how to eat the right foods, enjoy your favorite foods in moderation and, most importantly, how to stay hydrated year-round.

Staying on Track with Help from Dr. Carr

Dr. Joshua Carr can help you get started with your new healthy lifestyle. Through nutritional counseling, you’ll have a better idea of how to address your weight issues without having to give up every food you enjoy. You’ll get such tips as, “bake, broil or grill your meat.” You’ll get the same great taste without the excess fat and calories. We’ll discuss your health and recovery goals and help develop a good nutritional plan for you. Dr. Carr will present you with several healthy meal plans that you can choose to use along with food preparation and eating tips that will help you begin to lose the weight you shouldn’t be carrying. Some nutritional supplements may help you, as long as you know which to choose. Taking nutritional supplements every day may help your weight loss.

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