Coral Canyon Joint & Spine Health in Hurricane, UT Treats Auto Accident Injuries

If you have ever been injured in an auto accident, then you know that immediate treatment is essential. Coral Canyon Chiropractic has provided auto accident injury treatment for the Hurricane Valley region of Utah for years and can help you too. Our team of carefully selected highly knowledgeable staff pride themselves on providing our patients with the best holistic non-invasive treatment available to reach their ultimate quality of life.

Common Auto Accident Injury

The most common auto accident injury is whiplash. It occurs when a sudden change in direction causes a violent “whipping” motion of the head. With the average weight of a human head being 12 pounds, it is no wonder that this trauma causes damage the fragile structures and soft tissues of the neck.

Other areas of soft tissue are also at risk of injury during an auto accident. This often includes the hands, fingers, toes, feet, and wrists. This is because these areas often absorb a large amount of the impact during auto collisions which causes damage and trauma to these areas.

Common complaints after an auto accident include issues such as loss of mobility, tingling, loss of strength, burning, loss of strength, numbness, and pain. These symptoms can range from mild to severe and often do not present themselves until 24 or 48 hours after the collision that caused them. This delay can be caused by the shock of the accident or by the body’s release of natural pain fighting neurotransmitters.

Regardless of the reason, this delay can cause a difficulty receiving the insurance benefits to which you are entitled. In addition, delaying treatment until symptoms become apparent can limit the ability of that treatment to be as effective as it would otherwise be. That is why it is essential that treatment begin as soon as possible after the accident occurs.

How a Chiropractor Can Help

When you come to our chiropractor after an auto accident, we will evaluate your condition. This will include taking a full history from the patient, conducting a physical and neurological examination, and viewing any imaging tests.

From there, a treatment regimen can be developed based on your individual needs. In doing so, we will utilize a variety of more than 150 proven chiropractic techniques available to our staff. Some techniques will be more effective than others depending up the specific injuries and the needs of the individual patient.

These may include:

  • Therapeutic targeted massage
  • Manual spinal adjustment and manipulation
  • Active release and mobilization techniques
  • Spinal decompression treatments
  • Kinesio Taping

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