Massage Therapy FAQ

Massage Therapy FAQ

Massage therapy and Chiropractic therapy often go hand in hand. Each practice provides relaxation and pain relief for those who are dealing with pain. Many chiropractic offices incorporate massage therapy in their offices, and at Coal Canyon Joint and Spine Center in Hurricane, we are no different. Both practices are a helpful healing alternative to coping with chronic pain. Unsure about what massage therapy entails? Look at some frequently asked questions folks have asked about massage therapy.

So, massage therapy isn’t just for pampering and relaxation?

  • Answer: No, while massages do help invoke relaxation it also provides so much more health benefits, like improving circulation, lowering blood pressure, help with depression, anxiety, and just you’re overall wellness from head to toe.

How long do massages usually last?

  • Answer: Massage therapist usually offer 30 minutes to an hour session.

Will there be soreness after?

  • Answer: This depends. If you request a deep tissue massage there may be some soreness after. This is due to the release of lactic acids that get stored inside tense tight up muscles. Otherwise, a massage should be a soothing and relaxing experience. If there is any discomfort for you speak up as this may indicate a muscle injury.

Is there a time I should not get a massage? 

  • Answer: There are certain situations where it should be avoided i.e. if you are physically sick, have a skin infection or burns. It is wise to avoid a massage until all is mended. There are also certain conditions that warn you to not get a massage such as if you have a certain type of arthritis, heart condition, battling cancer. Talk to your primary doctor if you are concerned at all if anything may hinder you receiving a one. Most likely it will be beneficial though.

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