Fibromyalgia: The Pro-Adjuster has been the most effective treatment I have ever had for my fibromyalgia. I haven’t had this much pain relief for 10 years. ~Penny Stewart – Hurricane

Whiplash: I have suffered from whiplash for several months. I had been seeing a Physical Therapist and also a Massage Therapist. It wasn’t until I came to see Dr. Carr that I started to get long lasting results. I am so grateful to Dr. Carr and his staff. ~Becky Shields – Hurricane

The Pro-Adjuster: I used to have chronic neck pain and radiating pain into both my arms. I was apprehensive about having my spine adjusted, and heard about a new light force adjustment using an instrument called the Pro-Adjuster. After a few weeks of care my symptoms have almost totally been resolved. I have even been able to return to my active lifestyle without pain. ~Larry Overson – Parowan

A Detailed Experience: I called Coral Canyon Joint & Spine Health and was immediately in touch with their knowledgeable staff. They took the time to truly listen to my problems, work me into their schedule and gave me specific steps to take to be able to relieve the symptoms enough that I could make it to their office. They were kind, courteous, and expressed real concern and caring for my situation. They did everything in their power to make me as comfortable as possible when I arrived.

Dr. Carr was very professional and yet personable in my dealings with him. He took the time to listen and allowed me to explain my symptoms without making me feel rushed or that my problems were unimportant. He diagnosed the problem and went to work trying to fix it all the while being attentive and aware of the limitations of what I could do. He was patient, caring and concerned with my recovery and called several times just to make sure that I was doing okay. He was not pushy, explained the diagnosis and the treatments thoroughly and allowed me the time to discuss and participate in the decision making for my treatment.

The facility was pleasant, well-kept and clean. They had all of the equipment necessary to treat me fully. The atmosphere is pleasant and conductive to being able to relax and heal.

I would recommend Coral Canyon Joint & Spine Health along with Dr. Josh Carr to anyone needing chiropractic care! They are truly caring and knowledgeable professionals that provided a healing atmosphere! Thanks to them, I am able to participate in normal daily activites again! ~Nancy Cram – Hurricane